10 Steps to Teaching Data Science Well

With the increase in demand for data scientists, there has been a parallel growth in training programs within companies and educational institutions that teach people data science. In addition to focusing on meeting the job demand, there need to be more resources for instructors facilitating data science classrooms. Here’s a list of ten steps for current and prospective data science instructors to make sure they’re creating an optimal learning environment for their students.

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Sadie St. Lawrence
Anonymity & Data Privacy

My entire life I've had limited privacy due to my unique first name. A Google Search of 'Avolyn' will return mostly me. While I value privacy, I didn't grow up assuming I had privacy. I couldn't create blogs online as a kid without my parents finding them. I once had a guy on the road find my Myspace page because my license plate at 16 years-old read, 'Avolyn' and that was all he needed to find me online (no, my license plate does not currently read my name).

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Avolyn Fisher