Data Science Residency

Our residency program is designed to provide individuals the opportunity to refine their skills, gain work experience, and receive career advancement options. Companies participating in this program benefit by gaining access to a diverse talent pool and data science consulting services.

Resident Participant Outcomes

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Work Experience


Resume Feedback & Career Advice

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Job Referral



Program Details

  • Cost - $750

  • Payment plans accepted: pay 60% upfront and other 40% month after

  • Length - two months

  • Location - local Women in Data chapter or virtual team

  • Time Commitment - Part-Time

Who should Apply?

This program is designed for people looking to deepen their skill in data science or transition their career from a STEM related field. If you have taken data science classes or have technical expertise but have had difficulty finding a job and are looking to apply your skills, this program is for you.

Data Science Lead Outcomes



This program is designed for Data Scientists who have experience working in the industry and would like utilize their skills to lead a team and gain management work experience. We are looking for individuals who have prior experience leading data science projects, mentoring or teaching individuals, and strong communications skills.

program details

  • Lead team of 4-6 people

  • Time Commitment - 2-4 hours per week, for two months

  • Location - local Women in Data chapter or virtual team

  • Leads will be compensated for their time

Company Partner Outcomes


Project Insights & Recommendations

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Data Science Models

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Access to Diverse Talent Pool


Program Details:

  • Cost - $10k - $15k per project

  • Length - two months consulting services

  • Location - local Women in Data chapter or remote team

Who Should apply:

This program is designed for companies with data science or analytics projects looking to expand their current hiring candidate pool.