Our Reach

We have locations in Sacramento and San Francisco as well as areas we have received interest in starting a WID chapter (indicated by stars). We have also received global inquiries from: India, Pakistan, and Poland.

Who We Serve

No matter where you are along the journey of data awareness and data literacy, we are here to support your growth along the way.


the Consumer

An individual who does not work or wish to work in a data related career but interacts with data in their daily life and can benefit from awareness of data.

the Transitioner

A professional currently working in a STEM field but looking to make a transition into a data related career.

the Ambassador

A volunteer for WID who mentors members, speaks at conferences and promotes the mission of WID.

the Newbie

A beginner interested in data related careers but needs guidance in navigating their career path and getting started.

the Data Junkie

Currently working in a data related career but looking to maintain their skills and find a community of like-minded individuals.

the WID Leader

A volunteer for the leadership team or a chapter lead for WID.